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Jessica Sage Wilson contact number: (937) 430-8927

Jessica Sage Wilson is a Licensed Medical Massage Therapist, Certified Yoga Teacher, and Certified Reiki Practitioner. Along with her offerings of Massage Therapy, Yoga, and Reiki, She also offers Intuitive Energy Healing, Aromatherapy Experiences, Yoni Steaming, Spiritual Mentorship and she teaches Meditation.

All of Jessica Sage’s offerings aim to assist you in creating a deeper connection with your body and with yourself. Her intention is to help you feel better in your body and to support you on your own healing journey. She believes that everyone is worthy of healing, health, and happiness.

For more information on her services and offerings, you can follow Jessica Sage Wilson on Instagram @YouAreWorthyAndWhole and Facebook @YouAreWorthyOfHealthAndHappiness

To schedule an appointment call or text, Jessica Sage Wilson at (937)430-8927