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Natural Health Associates, 921 Central Avenue, Miamisburg, OhioMission Statement
for Natural Health Associates, LLC

Our bodies, like any structure, must be built on a strong foundation. Our bodies require maintenance through proper diet, exercise, and healthy life choices. Over time we develop habits that weaken our system’s ability to self heal and maintain optimal health. The first step toward regaining optimal health is through detoxification. Detoxification cleanses your system of impurities and allows your body to begin healing itself.

Therapeutic colonic irrigation helps restore optimum nutrition to the body and aids in elimination of autointoxication effects arising from sluggish or irritable bowels. Optimum nutrition and reduction of internal toxins have been shown to increase the healing response.

It is the intention of Natural Health Associates to:

  • To provide a safe, comfortable and effective means of cleansing the colon
  • To use FDA registered equipment (LIBBE- open system)
  • To use state of the art water filtration (UV Light filter system)
  • To provide and use single-use disposable speculum kits and rectal tubes
  • To respect each clients dignity and modesty
  • To deliver health care with the utmost courtesy, gentleness, respect, and confidentiality